When I was younger, I always wanted to be an inventor. But instead of building new machines, I ended up inventing digital products. Right now I am 20 years old and creating complex web applications and software.

Logo (Prismic.io Inc.)

PHP Community Engineer

2022 - Today
  • Maintaining PHP SDK
  • Maintainung PHP Starter Kits
Logo (Active Value GmbH)
Active Value GmbH

PHP Backend Engineer

2020 - Today
  • Maintaining complex Web-Apps
  • Enforcing coding standards
Logo (HSNR)
Hochschule Niederrhein

B.Sc. Computer Science

2020 - 2024
  • Focus on Software Development
  • Expected GPA: 3.3
Logo (19 Webdesign)
19 Webdesign

Founder, Web Engineer and Consultant

2019 - Today
  • Freelancing as Web Developer
  • Maintaining PHP Websites